Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Welcome to Wrexham Against Racism and Fascism - campaigning to expose the hateful politics of the BNP and other far-right extremists.
WARF will provide a platform for all those wanting to fight racism and fascism in our town and the surrounding area. T
Many of us were involved in last year's successful Hope not Hate march through the town and we'll be out again this Saturday, May the 2nd, leafletting against the BNP.
 Make no mistake, the BNP is a racist and a fascist party. The BNP want to expel non-white people from Britain, they have a racist model of society that says the likes of Colin Jackson can never be Welsh.
 They support US-style gun laws that would allow anyone to keep guns in their homes. At their centre is a hard core of nazis who still idolise Hitler's vision of racial purity.
The BNP won't win in next month's European elections but we can't be complacent - they will try to win the votes of people quite rightly disaffected with mainstream politicians who do nothing for ordinary workers. Don't let the BNP sneak in to Europe - join our campaign to confront them on the streets of Wrexham.
 We particularly welcome information on the BNP - please send in your comments in confidence to wrexhamarf@gmail.com

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