Wednesday, 27 May 2009

White, trite and sh*te - Young BNP reveal their true colour

The BNP's yoof wing has inadvertently revealed the fascists' true colours - a dirty off-white if truth be told - in an unintentionally hilarious campaign video. We've dubbed it the "white, trite and shite" truth behind the slick image the BNP tries to present (and always fails to maintain).

It's also rather Anglocentric - glorifying Edward I, who is remembered in Wales and Scotland as a brutal oppressor. The map shows Edward I's campaigns against Wales. 

Perhaps the kids think they're in the English National Party? Ooops, Daddy won't be pleased because it's Griffin's daughter who's in charge of the Hitler Yoof.

PS The second video in the link is intentionally hilarious and mocks the fascists' choice of heroes - who include a rather dark-skinned man called Jesus and a mythical Turk called St George. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Whitby and Dempsey out of a job?

Two of the stalwarts of the BNP in Wrexham have recently joined the jobless ranks since the demise of their employer on Wrexham Industrial Estate. We do hope they don't end up as "spongers off the state", as they like to caricature the unemployed. 

Mike Whitby and Lewis Dempsey were, by all accounts, not well liked in the company and had a reputation in keeping with their revolting political beliefs. Whitby, who was a sales manager with the firm, was known for photocopying leaflets and trying to recruit fellow staff behind the backs of his employers.

The sooner these vermin leave Coedpoeth the better.

BNP broadcast tonight

Tonight's BNP broadcast would have done justice to a contortionist - Griffin and Co tied themselves in knots trying to don the mantle of Winston Churchill and those who fought Nazism in the Second World War. Perhaps the most telling moment was when Griffin listed the names of those who gave their lives in defence of democracy: "English names, Scottish names, Welsh names, Irish names".

Funny - he never mention Gurkha names, Indian names, Caribbean names. That's because Griffin and his mad racists want to keep the Gurkhas out of the UK. And, despite the warm words, anyone with a black or brown skin is not welcome in Griffin's vision of Britain - he knows it's not popular to kick out black and Asian people, so he's dressed up the nazi message in a pinstriped suit. He's still a fascist though.

Polishing turds

Great post here from Cynical Dragon about the BNP's true colours:

Despite donning suits and smiles, you can't polish a turd or hide your neo-Nazi past. You can wrap yourself in the Union Jack, flick the v's and steal Winston Churchill lines as much as you like. Nobody with any intelligence is buying it.

Not even the Daily Mail.
Newly uncovered copies of ‘The Rune’, a white supremacist magazine edited by Mr Griffin in the late 1990s, show that far from respecting Britain’s war effort in the 1940s he was a fan of the SS units that committed countless war crimes against the allies.

Mr Griffin published one article stating: ‘The tales of Waffen SS courage and sacrifices are almost limitless.’

Another piece claimed: ‘In an unbiased assessment of war-crimes, the Waffen SS were undoubtedly no worse that the troops of other nations – countless Allied war crimes are simply not publicised.’

In 1996 he organised a demonstration on the steps of Coventry Cathedral in which he claimed RAF pilots who bombed Dresden in World War Two were guilty of ‘mass murder’.
According to Griffin, the leaflets were written by 'veteran German patriot', Manfred Roeder, who fought for Hitler in the defence of Berlin in 1945 then founded a neo-Nazi organisation in the 1980s that was classified as a terrorist group by German authorities after it launched attacks against buildings housing asylum seekers.
Don't think for one minute this leopard has changed his spots.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The fantasy world of Arthur Kemp

Deeside's little Hitler, Arthur Kemp, has his own website. Anyone wondering how unstable the master race really is should take a look at this rant against the BBC, his ex-wife and just about everybody else.
South African racist Kemp, as he admits, was very close to the murderer of Chris Hani - the ANC leader who would probably have succeeded Nelson Mandela. Read his convoluted explanation for compiling a list of leading ANCers, a list that was later used to gun down Hani.
 People like this are polluting our country.

 Please find a progressive alternative on June 4 and make sure the BNP doesn't get a toehold in Wales.

British jobs for American actors

The Sunday Mirror has this story about BNP hypocrisy. 

Exclusive: BNP poster campaign for British workers uses American actors

The poster demands “British jobs for British workers” and it shows three smiling men in hard-hats urging people to vote BNP.

But the “building workers” in the ad – which is being driven up and down the country on a BNP vehicle called the “Truth Truck” – are not even British.

They are American models who posed for a general photo agency shoot in Portland, Oregon, in the United States.

Another shot in the same set shows a black man working alongside white colleagues – but the racist BNP didn’t use that one.

Party bosses, led by Nick Griffin, have also printed millions of leaflets making bogus claims that a doctor and a respectable OAP couple are among their supporters.

A distinguished-looking medic is quoted saying: “I’m voting BNP because I see what immigration has done to the NHS. As a doctor I want to see an end to ‘health tourists’ and make sure British nurses are employed and paid fairly.”

But the man in the picture is another American model from a stock photo library. 

The pensioners are quoted saying: “We’ve seen how this country has declined under the present government and we’re voting BNP because they will put pensioners before asylum seekers and ensure our future.”

But this couple are the Italian parents of the agency photographer. They can’t vote in Britain – and are appalled that their picture has been used to spread far-right propaganda.

BNP leader Griffin last week launched the party’s biggest election drive. His members are contesting 69 out of the UK’s 72 European Parliament seats and hope to win up to seven.

But the party’s millions of leaflets could be BANNED if they are found to breach strict Royal Mail election material rules, following a complaint by Welsh party Plaid Cymru, who uncovered some of the photos.

Plaid MP Adam Price said: “These leaflets hideously misrepresent the views of the people photographed. I believe they have breached the guidelines set out for electoral communications and I call on the Royal Mail to stop distribution immediately.”

A spokesman for anti-fascist group Searchlight said: “This is a catastrophic own goal by Nick Griffin and the BNP.”

And senior Labour MP Jon Cruddas said: “How cynical can the BNP get? I can only assume no decent person would pose for posters or leaflets for the BNP so they had to make it all up. The British people will see this for what it is – a cynical con. How low can they go?”

Thursday, 14 May 2009

BBC delays BNP expose until after election

This report suggests that BBC Wales has bottled an expose by the Week In Week Out documentary team about the racists behind the BNP campaign here in Wales. 

 It's unlikely the documentary isn't ready, as claimed, as they were filming in Wrexham some weeks ago.

THE BBC has been accused of “going soft” on the BNP by delaying the broadcast of a documentary until after next month’s European Parliament election.

Last week, the Western Mail revealed how one of the key figures involved in organising the distribution of 29 million BNP election leaflets across Britain from a warehouse in Welshpool was Arthur Kemp, a racial ideologue from South Africa (pictured)

The forthcoming BBC Wales programme is understood to focus on Mr Kemp.

His book, March of the Titans: A History of the White Race, praises the Nazi regime for taking action to ensure Germany’s economic recovery, and on the Holocaust states “certainly far fewer died that what is most often claimed”.

Anti-fascist group Searchlight, which has been co-operating with BBC Wales during the making of the documentary, said it was unhappy that it would not go out until after the election on June 4.

But a BBC spokesman said: “The BBC is not postponing or rescheduling the broadcast of this programme until after the European election. It is still in production and has not yet been scheduled for transmission on BBC One Wales.

“It will be broadcast as planned as part of BBC Wales current affairs series Week In Week Out next month.”

However, the Western Mail understands that at one point there had been a possibility of broadcasting the programme before the June 4 election and that one of the considerations involved in making a decision is not related to the legal requirement for broadcasters to be neutral during periods running up to an election.

Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price said: “I can’t understand why for one minute the BBC would want to be protecting a far-right party like the BNP during one of the most dangerous periods for the future of democracy we’ve seen in living memory. People are angry, and rightly so, with the establishment parties and the BNP is clearly seeking to exploit that.

“It’s vitally important that those of us who know the party that lies behind the mask of the BNP are allowed to demonstrate that so that the decent but disillusioned majority do not end up voting for a party whose values they would never share.”

Monday, 11 May 2009

Christy Moore - Viva La Quinta Brigada

Remember the International Brigaders from Wales and the world who volunteered and fought Franco's fascism in Spain. 

Wales against fascism - the fight continues

Just an update to remind you that we have just 6 more days to go before we show the BNP that Wales doesnt and wont tolerate fascism and racism.

 We are of course talking about something quite special  It is our second Hope not Hate Day on Sunday 17th May 2009.

Our theme will be “Remembering those who fought fascism. Their fight continues today”.

On Sunday we will pay homage to the many thousands of men and women in Wales who gave their lives so that we could live a life free from the threat of fascism. They were indeed special people.

And in 2009 we will not let their memory fade under a canopy of indifference, intolerance and apathy. 

Sunday 17th May is our special day in Wales where we will remember their sacrifice and resolve to defy the real threat of the British National Party to our way of life. 

Come and join us for a solemn yet uplifting reminder that the triumph of hope over hate is both a huge legacy from the past, but one which is being sorely tested to this day.

Hope not Hate Day will also give community and political leader’s space to outline their visions of a safe and diverse Wales free from race hate.

To be held simultaneously at the main Cenotaph in Swansea (Seafront), the Wales National War Memorial (Cathays Park, Cardiff) and the Flint War Memorial, Flintshire.

10.30am Assemble at the Cenotaph/War Memorials

10.40am         Reading of 100 local names of those who fell in World War 2

10.55am         Laying of wreathes

      “Remembering those who fought fascism. Their fight continues today”.

11.00am         Two minutes silence

11.05am         A short number of speeches

11.30am         Finish

The commemoration will be repeated an hour later at the Cardiff Spanish Civil War International Brigades Memorial, Cardiff.


Flint co-ordinator: Darron Dupre 07971 688459

Swansea co-ordinator: Ian Titherington: 07970 057821

Cardiff co-ordinator: Rob Griffiths 07790 884137

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

BNP meet under false pretences

The BNP occasionally meets in this club in the Wrexham area using a false name to book the room. We wonder whether other community organisations that use the same club would be willing to continue their bookings if they knew what else was going on there?

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Billy Bragg, Glyndwr University 12 June

Billy Bragg last played in Wrexham (well, Plas Madoc Leisure Centre to be precise) during the miners' strike 1984-5.

 On June 12, he's back at Glyndwr University to commemorate the 25th anniversary of that strike.

As well as a good night out, it might be a good opportunity to reach a new audience with our anti-fascist message... one that Billy would endorse.

Great turn out

Thanks to the 25+ activists who turned out to leaflet against the BNP this afternoon. Our word-of-mouth network certainly delivered at short notice with people from a variety of backgrounds joining in. We made the most of the audience attracted by the Brymbo Male Voice Choir and the hard-hitting leaflets were all gone in less than an hour.
 Special thanks to those who had come for the march only to find it had been cancelled - thanks for helping out with the leaflets.
 Only one BNPer was spotted skulking in Queen Square - the usual crowd of boneheads that come down from the coast and Liverpool were nowhere to be seen.
 Wrexham Against Racism and Fascism has got ambitious plans for the coming months. Wrexham football fans want to get involved and some Love Music Hate Racism gigs are being planned in town. An organising meeting will be held soon - get in touch at wrexhamarf [at] if you want to help or get involved. Anyone in a band who wants to support one of the headline bands we'll be booking is very welcome.