Tuesday, 27 October 2009

BNP Bill is kosher!

The BNP's former Welsh organiser Bill Murray (pictured left) is in The Leader today trying to defend his Soldiers Off The Streets scam.

But Murray merely digs the hole that bit deeper...

He says he left the BNP in August and launched the SOTS on August 24. NOT TRUE. Murray is on numerous BNP and other websites after that date claiming to the BNP Welsh Organiser and appealing for support from the BNP for his charity. To date there has been no official announcement of his, ahem, retirement.

He also says the premises are rented from "a member of Ennys Hughes's family not involved in politics". Ennys Hughes told the Independent that it was her mother's property, yet Ennys herself has been touting the empty offices round town to prospective renters. The rent for two months on a town centre office would be prohibitive for a new organisation with no income. How much is Murray paying in rent if it's a commercial transaction rather than one BNPer doing a favour for another?

He also says "a couple of BNP members have been helping out on a voluntary basis but the party offered help and I turned it down. I don't think it is right that any political party be involved with charities. I left the BNP in August and don't want any further connection with them." So the BNP has lost its Welsh organiser at a crucial time. How sad.

He also comes out with a classic: "SOTS is 100% kosher* - 100% genuine."

* Bungalow Bill may not know that kosher is a Yiddish word that means "the selection and preparation of foods in accordance with traditional Jewish ritual and dietary laws". That would get anti-semitic BNPers choking on their Cornflakes.


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