Monday, 23 November 2009

BNP at EDL protest in Wrexham

Now the racist thugs masquerading as the English Defence League have left Wrexham, it's time to examine these two images.

In the first picture Plas Madoc BNP councillor Malcolm Hughes (left) is deep in conversation with an unknown man as both keep watch on the Wrexham Communities Festival.

In the second picture, the unknown man is part of the EDL protest.

Does anyone recognise this guy?

How close is the local BNP (Hughes is married to top BNP candidate Ennys Hughes) to the EDL?

PS A big thanks to the EDL for failing to realise they were in Wales and completely alienating the town. Singing the English national anthem while waving the St George's flag in a town like Wrexham was a red rag to a bull. Ordinary shoppers were disgusted at their hooligan antics, told them to go back to England and booed them for the short while they stayed in town before being bussed back to Bolton.

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