Thursday, 4 June 2009

BNP lies over Gurkhas

Dear Editor

This is a letter that's been sent to the Wrexham Mail:

It's regrettable that the BNP's local mouthpiece (last week's letters page) doesn't actually realise that her leader Nick Griffin has already let the cat out of the bag re the Gurkhas. The BNP locally would have you believe that they would "welcome" the Gurkhas. But Griffin, speaking on Nicky Campbell's Radio Five Live show called them "mercenaries", adding: "We don't think the most overcrowded country in Europe, can realistically say, 'Look, you can all come and all your relatives'. When the Gurkhas signed up - frankly as mercenaries - they expected a pension which would allow them to live well in their own country."

 That doesn't sound like much of a welcome and shows that the BNP's is still a fascist and racist party whose leadership worships Hitler and his views.  In the same interview Griffin claimed footballers Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole weren't English because they are black. Presumably he feels the same way about black Welsh people. If these racists ever got their way, millions of people who have grown up here would be forced out purely because of the colour of their skin. No doubt they would be kept  in camps to await their fate - voting for the BNP is a slippery slope to a Hitlerian nightmare. 

Ennys Hughes is entitled to her repugnant views but she should be honest about being a member of a fascist party whose leadership is full of convicted criminals, rather than deceiving people. 

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  1. Shame if he really said that. As the Gurkhas were some of the bravest, and most valiant soldiers and according to british soldiers who fought along side them they were the best of comrades.