Wednesday, 27 May 2009

White, trite and sh*te - Young BNP reveal their true colour

The BNP's yoof wing has inadvertently revealed the fascists' true colours - a dirty off-white if truth be told - in an unintentionally hilarious campaign video. We've dubbed it the "white, trite and shite" truth behind the slick image the BNP tries to present (and always fails to maintain).

It's also rather Anglocentric - glorifying Edward I, who is remembered in Wales and Scotland as a brutal oppressor. The map shows Edward I's campaigns against Wales. 

Perhaps the kids think they're in the English National Party? Ooops, Daddy won't be pleased because it's Griffin's daughter who's in charge of the Hitler Yoof.

PS The second video in the link is intentionally hilarious and mocks the fascists' choice of heroes - who include a rather dark-skinned man called Jesus and a mythical Turk called St George. Enjoy!

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