Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Polishing turds

Great post here from Cynical Dragon about the BNP's true colours:

Despite donning suits and smiles, you can't polish a turd or hide your neo-Nazi past. You can wrap yourself in the Union Jack, flick the v's and steal Winston Churchill lines as much as you like. Nobody with any intelligence is buying it.

Not even the Daily Mail.
Newly uncovered copies of ‘The Rune’, a white supremacist magazine edited by Mr Griffin in the late 1990s, show that far from respecting Britain’s war effort in the 1940s he was a fan of the SS units that committed countless war crimes against the allies.

Mr Griffin published one article stating: ‘The tales of Waffen SS courage and sacrifices are almost limitless.’

Another piece claimed: ‘In an unbiased assessment of war-crimes, the Waffen SS were undoubtedly no worse that the troops of other nations – countless Allied war crimes are simply not publicised.’

In 1996 he organised a demonstration on the steps of Coventry Cathedral in which he claimed RAF pilots who bombed Dresden in World War Two were guilty of ‘mass murder’.
According to Griffin, the leaflets were written by 'veteran German patriot', Manfred Roeder, who fought for Hitler in the defence of Berlin in 1945 then founded a neo-Nazi organisation in the 1980s that was classified as a terrorist group by German authorities after it launched attacks against buildings housing asylum seekers.
Don't think for one minute this leopard has changed his spots.

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