Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Whitby and Dempsey out of a job?

Two of the stalwarts of the BNP in Wrexham have recently joined the jobless ranks since the demise of their employer on Wrexham Industrial Estate. We do hope they don't end up as "spongers off the state", as they like to caricature the unemployed. 

Mike Whitby and Lewis Dempsey were, by all accounts, not well liked in the company and had a reputation in keeping with their revolting political beliefs. Whitby, who was a sales manager with the firm, was known for photocopying leaflets and trying to recruit fellow staff behind the backs of his employers.

The sooner these vermin leave Coedpoeth the better.

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  1. This is good news indeed, clearly there is no future in caravaning then. I wonder if they will be in town on Saturday with Newman and Ennys.

    Heard that Ennys got shown up to be the ignorant individual that she is by Aled Roberts on Radio Cymru's Hawl i Holi on Sunday night.

    Imagine that; Ennys and the BNP in Rhos...Twm Spaen and all the others who fought Franco's Fascists would turn in their graves.