Sunday, 17 May 2009

The fantasy world of Arthur Kemp

Deeside's little Hitler, Arthur Kemp, has his own website. Anyone wondering how unstable the master race really is should take a look at this rant against the BBC, his ex-wife and just about everybody else.
South African racist Kemp, as he admits, was very close to the murderer of Chris Hani - the ANC leader who would probably have succeeded Nelson Mandela. Read his convoluted explanation for compiling a list of leading ANCers, a list that was later used to gun down Hani.
 People like this are polluting our country.

 Please find a progressive alternative on June 4 and make sure the BNP doesn't get a toehold in Wales.


  1. The man was a South African terrorist closely implicated in the murder of Chris Hani, and they allowed him to stay in this country with his form. One of the immigration rules preventing people settling here is that'their presence is not conducive to the public good.' That should have been applied to Kemp

  2. Arthur Kemp is a Rat, see here: