Tuesday, 26 May 2009

BNP broadcast tonight

Tonight's BNP broadcast would have done justice to a contortionist - Griffin and Co tied themselves in knots trying to don the mantle of Winston Churchill and those who fought Nazism in the Second World War. Perhaps the most telling moment was when Griffin listed the names of those who gave their lives in defence of democracy: "English names, Scottish names, Welsh names, Irish names".

Funny - he never mention Gurkha names, Indian names, Caribbean names. That's because Griffin and his mad racists want to keep the Gurkhas out of the UK. And, despite the warm words, anyone with a black or brown skin is not welcome in Griffin's vision of Britain - he knows it's not popular to kick out black and Asian people, so he's dressed up the nazi message in a pinstriped suit. He's still a fascist though.

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